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In its own words, The Big Chill is no longer just a festival; it’s a way of life. One that has become notorious for openly cultivating talents of all sorts particularly within the world of fashion. Well known for its colourful and eclectic culture and the forward-thinking crowd it draws, The Big Chill is positively brimming with unique and diverse fashion.

So concrete is the festival’s stylish reputation, that fashion photographer, publisher and film director Rankin made a point of coming along to set up a mini-studio and photograph 2009’s very own chillers as part of his latest exhibition Rankin Live! Of course when I heard about this I was already practicing my poses in the mirror whilst listening to Madonna’s ‘Vogue’.

True to form the crowd certainly made sure they were ready for their close ups and surpassed expectations in the realms of fashion this year. The 1980s revival that the 2009 chillers were channelling was indeed bang on trend and leading the fashion pack were many a pair of printed leggings and high-top trainers. Others were ramping up their style stakes by sporting over-size slogan tees tucked into high-waisted shorts, teamed with a pair of late eighties/early nineties deck shoes created the perfect daytime look.

Another key day-to-night piece for chillers proved to be the washed-out denim playsuit – simple, yet very effective ladies. This fits perfectly with the NYC retro look, which is absolutely in this season. Accessorise with a fabulous belt, some fringed moccasin pumps, and complete the ensemble with a cute straw hat for comfortable and laid-back festival chic. I guarantee this will see you dancing well into the night with no complaints.

And it wasn’t just the ladies fixing up and looking sharp this time round, with the likes of Basement Jaxx dominating the line up this year, even the boys remembered to keep their wardrobes acid-bright with some creative edge.

Monochrome for once was a definite no-no, thank god. I even spotted some boys wearing luminous red, yellow or blue trousers which, it has to be said, look far better than they sound. Deep and colourful V-necks looked sexy on tanned chests whilst convieniently crossing over the casual-to-smarter borderline, whether they were in the form of jumpers, cardigans, shirts or t-shirts.

Obviously the intention here is not to look like a walking bag of Skittles or try on every look at the same time, but go on, be brave – confident use of colour and retro shapes is a definite head turner – it’s a sure fire way to see you making a play for the fashion lime-light at any upcoming festival.

Originally published in This Festival Feeling