Bloody Vandals…..


In keeping with the current trend for all things bright and cheery – here is a fantastic pair of sneakers that would be absolutely perfect for festivals.

Nike’s iconic Vandal High has been with us since the mid 80s and has been produced in numerous colour schemes and several different types of material.

vandal-high-supreme-vintage-glltn-3None however, has been as exciting as the pair pictured. Nike’s new Vandal Vintage Supreme “Electric Green” are due to hit the shops in early 2010.

These are the perfect festival shoe – sturdy enough to protect your toes in the crowd, light enough to prevent your calves from seizing up on Sunday, the high top will help prevent you from twisting your ankle on the uneven floor, warm enough to keep you cosy at night and this electric green version will help your mates find you in the crowd. Happy days!

Whether you’re at Creamfields, V, The Secret Garden Party or Bloom – these will go down a treat….  although if you’re heading to Bloodstock, you might want to think again.

Thanks to Nice Kicks for this post.


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